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veloor has obtained the Apple iPhone Developer status that ensures the clients epitome of solutions, harnessing all Apple mobile technologies. We develop application using the latest CLOUD Technology available.
veloor has obtained the Microsoft Gold Certification that ensures the clients epitome of solutions, harnessing all Microsoft technologies. To get the Microsoft Gold Certificate indicates the highest level of proficiency and expertise with Microsoft technologies and products. It is also a sign of having the closest working relationship with Microsoft. With this certificate, the company can deliver the best IT solutions to its clients.

Veloor is an official Akamia partner allowing our customer to use the best HTTP On-Demand Architecture in the world. CLOUD OPTIMIZATION NETWORK. Starting with iPhone OS version 3.0 and QuickTime X, you can send streaming audio and video over HTTP from an ordinary web server for playback on iPhone, iPod touch, or other devices, such as desktop computers, without the limitations of Progressive Downloads.
Web services are a fundamental component of mobile development. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach helps us harness the potential of web services in your applications for the BlackBerry® solution. Research In Motion (RIM) has developed an entire application methodology to help Veloor easily extend web services and other powerful resources to BlackBerry smartphone users.
Through GN Research Veloor offer a new model of brand analysis LOGYCS that GN Research developed for more than 10 years. The integration of new indicators and in particular the NPS. Veloor can now take into account the brand impact and customer experience by calculating the coefficient detractor and the coefficient promoter for each analyzed element. We can evaluate the impact of the actions on the criteria via a simulator allowing to test the effectiveness of the action plans. Member of ESOMAR.

An independent Public Relations company established in Thailand since 1990, Francom Asia is recognized as one of the country's leading Public Relations agencies in South East Asia. Headquartered in Bangkok, Francom Asia serves multinational corporations and middle-sized companies from all sectors, including services, high-tech, industry, consumer goods and luxury products.

Analysis-one is a sophisticated, yet simple to use tool developed by leading business performance specialists. Analysis-one assists our customers business to measure, monitor and manage financial and non-financial performance for our brand/sales accelerator™ model.
Business Wire is the leading source for press releases, photos, multimedia and regulatory filings from companies and groups throughout the world. Through this network we can send press releases to all major media all over the wolrd such as major TV network, major Web site, newspapers, magazines, radios.
Veloor, is a Google Analytic Consultant allowing our clients to have the latest web analytic tools for their web solutions. This service is provided in correlation with SEO and search engine optimization. We also offer analytic consulting to help customer analysing their web customer data.

Veloor is an Adobe partner We offer collaboration tools to our cutsomers so they can work with any Veloor team regardless of locations, time and cultural barriers.

Recognized specialization in the design, deployment and customization of small business solutions using Microsoft technology

In a market place that demands constant innovation (brand accelarator, sales accelarator, CRM, ASP, iPhone applications, mobile solutions), you can't assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. You need to build an agile organization that can out-innovate, out-maneuver, and out-brand the competition. A great brand doesn't come from an outide agency, it has to come from within your company.

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