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Say goodbye to complexity. With no software or hardware to install, you don't have to wait weeks or months to get going. You're up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business—in a fraction of the time. Bowl 3.0 offer the following modules CRM, CM, ad banner, live support, poll manager, eNewsletter, online TV delivery, Google Analytic integration, and iPhone mobile module. Bowl can be customized on demand and new modules can be added quickly without waiting for weeks. Expensive upgrades? Not anymore. Big up-front capital expenditures? Bye-bye. Hello, Bowl Service Cloud. Visit Veloor iPhone version to get mobile marketing news>>>

    It’s a brave new world for marketing: bowl offers more quivers for your bow than ever before. With bowl CRM Marketing, you can launch email and search marketing campaigns, manage all your cross-channel programs from one place, and track leads from capture to close. Easy-to-use analytics shows you what works and what doesn’t so you can optimize your loyalty model.

    No matter how your customers want to engage, you’ll be there. A contact center with phone, Web, and email support? Check. A self-service site where they can find answers on their own or collaborate with other customers? Can do. Online communities like Facebook or Twitter? Bowl Service Cloud can take you there.

    With cloud computing, you’re up and running in weeks because there’s no hardware or software to manage. You can support new products, services, or processes. Add new modules, make changes on the fly. Expensive upgrades? Not anymore. Big up-front capital expenditures? Bye-bye. Hello, Bowl Service Cloud.

In a market place that demands constant innovation (brand accelarator, sales accelarator, CRM, ASP, iPhone applications, mobile solutions), you can't assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. You need to build an agile organization that can out-innovate, out-maneuver, and out-brand the competition. A great brand doesn't come from an outide agency, it has to come from within your company.

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