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Adept, decisive and innovative. Three imperatives in today's economic environment that will help your brand endure and prosper. Veloor is a strong and stable partner that can help transform your enterpris ein the midst of rapid economic change and challenges. We are so confident about our brand models that we work on sucess fees allowing you to focus on the core stratgey and not on the return on investment. Learn more about Veloor’s end-to-end, process-based approaches and methodologies to address key business priorities—such as cost competitiveness, brand differentiation and growth—by improving communication processes internaly/externaly and, ultimately, by helping you achieve higher brand recognition.

In emerging markets, consumer expectations are rising. so should your brand strategy.

Projections estimate that rising incomes could lift an additional 2 billion people into the global middle class—defined as those with annual incomes between US$6,000 and US$30,000 in purchase power parity—by 2030. Our research suggests that, by 2010, China and India alone will contain 123 million middle- class households. However, these markets also represent challenges when it comes to knowing and reaching these consumers.

phase 1 - brand/sales analysis | lenght: 2 weeks | 3 consultants full time
Capture the critical but often forgotten or neglected contextual details essential to influencing customers to buy. Our debriefing experts use proven methods to capture qualified leads plus critical contextual information from your sales team. For consumers around the world, expectations are rising even as their loyalty to providers is falling. Understanding and satisfying these changing expectations requires greater focus, precision and consistency. America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe—with their young, economically active, increasingly well-educated and upwardly mobile populations—are increasingly attractive markets for companies in other parts of the world.
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phase 2 - veloor brand models | lenght: 6 weeks | 2 consultants full time
Today, the traditional view of what constitutes an “emerging” consumer segment is changing, due to growing recognition that economic criteria alone do not provide a complete and actionable picture of the growth potential of specific sectors, nor of the accessibility of certain emerging markets. These markets are, for example, highly fragmented in terms of buyer needs, values and spending power. To achieve these goals, we develop a segmentation model that provides a complete, multidimensional picture of target segments—one that complements demographic, value and behavioral variables with information about buyer attitudes and needs. This integrated view will be especially powerful for identifying the most attractive segments and designing brand value propositions and experiences capabilities in marketing, sales and customer service using web technology and mobile solutions.
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phase 3- strategy execution | lenght: 8 weeks | 8 consultants full time
Our research tells us that the greatest challenges companies feel they are facing when it comes to reaching new consumers are inadequate local distribution networks, inadequate local infrastructure and weak local marketing channels. In the face of these obstacles, how do businesses reach these emerging customer segments? The ability to scan the evolving economic geography of the multi-polar world and embed business activities in local markets is essential—but we go further. We actively find ways to scale the benefits of local success to the organization at large by using web technology and mobile solutions.
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phase 4 - analyse outcome and define new priorities | lenght: 3 weeks | 2 consultants
In today’s commercial environment, the customer relationship cannot be commodified. Companies must continuously renew their commitment— and strengthen their capabilities—for knowing and reaching the customer, and delivering an experience tailored to the needs, values and preference of target segments. Engaging purposefully with the multi-polar world by mastering these core principles of customer centricity—know, reach and deliver—should be a key element of a consumer enterprise’s current response to the downturn, and a key element in part positioning the business for long-term benefit.
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Through GN Research Veloor offer a new model of brand analysis LOGYCS that GN Research developed for more than 10 years. The integration of new indicators and in particular the NPS. Veloor can now take into account the brand impact and customer experience by calculating the coefficient detractor and the coefficient promoter for each analyzed element. We can evaluate the impact of the actions on the criteria via a simulator allowing to test the effectiveness of the action plans. Member of ESOMAR.
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In a market place that demands constant innovation (brand accelarator, sales accelarator, CRM, ASP, iPhone applications, mobile solutions), you can't assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. You need to build an agile organization that can out-innovate, out-maneuver, and out-brand the competition. A great brand doesn't come from an outide agency, it has to come from within your company.

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