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We help companies meet their customer retention and acquisition goals by increasing customer loyalty. Today’s consumers have more power than ever before. They are harder to reach, harder to impress and more likely to take their business elsewhere when they don’t experience the choice, consistency and convenience they expect. The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value. Veloor offers a comprehensive set of web tools to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, brand/sales management, commuincation compliance and customer service. Underpinning our customer insight service offerings are three tools that are critical to developing insights and turning those insights into action:

customer data management | customer analytics | marketing automation

customer management: bowl 3.0 solution
This core element of the veloor approach helps compnies create a superior capacity for managing customer and prospect data. Using pre-built customer data management tools BOWL 3.0, veloor can quickly develop and populate a data warehouse that integrates all customer information—including in-house data as well as external consumer and business data. The result is an integrated view of every customer that enables decision makers to identify all interactions a particular individual or business has had with the company— including purchases, service calls, marketing campaign responses and website visits.
customer analytics:
The second key element of our approach—customer analytics—comprises the tools and processes necessary for a company to develop customer insights by more effectively analyzing its customer and prospect data. Using these web analytical capabilities, a company can conduct strategic market segmentation to understand its relative position in the marketplace and understand the behavior and value of customers and prospects to continually improve emarketing campaigns based on initial response. With our Service Cloud, you’ll deliver it all. It’s the platform for modern customer service, with everything you need to amaze your customers and keep your employees productive. Because it all runs online, in the cloud, you avoid the expense of infrastructure and headaches of software. With the Service Cloud, you’re up and running in a matter of weeks.

marketing automation:
Marketing automation capabilities help a company use the insights generated through customer analytics to create tailored offers and deliver those offers to customers via the channel they prefer. A significant component of this element is our BOWL 3.0. Also included is best-of-breed campaign management software that helps marketers manage data preparation, modeling and campaign design. This web software feeds back to the data warehouse the results of each campaign so that future campaigns can be adapted or improved as necessary. Marketing automation also links marketing campaigns to customer points of contact, enabling companies to not only reduce the cost to sell and serve customers, but also increase the amount of revenue.

customer success:

In a market place that demands constant innovation (brand accelarator, sales accelarator, CRM, ASP, iPhone applications, mobile solutions), you can't assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. You need to build an agile organization that can out-innovate, out-maneuver, and out-brand the competition. A great brand doesn't come from an outide agency, it has to come from within your company.

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